Halloween Graves

a fresh grave


Want some fresh looking graves in your Halloween cemetary without messing up the lawn? Here's a cheap, simple solution that looks great.

Parts and Tools


Key ingredients are an old beach towel and dark brown dye.



The goal is to make something that looks like a rectangular mound of dirt on the lawn. You could just pile on some real dirt on your lawn, but that requires a lot of heavy lifting and is hard to clean up.

Prepare a solution of dark brown fabric dye in a bucket according to the package instructions. Dye the old pool towel. Allow the towel to dry completely.

Working in sections, spray glue on the towel and sprinkle it with potting soil or mulch. This gives it the texture of dirt. Repeat as necessary to get good coverage.

Use a swatch of chicken wire or balls of newspaper to make a mound on the lawn. Spread the towel over it.

Sprinkle a little more soil around the edges of the towel to help them blend with the lawn. It doesn't take much.

If you like add a tombstone and skeletal hands and feet!

Hint: Don't leave the fresh grave prop out for more than a couple days. Your lawn needs sunlight.

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